Carla Schmidt

“I am really excited to have the opportunity to minister part time with YFC here in Portage. I see myself first, as a missionary whose goal is to honor Jesus Christ with my whole life.  There are several ‘tools’ that I use to do that.  I counsel individuals and families on one of my days at the office. I am also learning to pray with and for people, which is so essential for real and lasting change, since God is the true Healer. I mentor a number of young women and I really love to teach, which I am able to do sometimes in my counseling. It is my hope to continue to provide resources to the local church so that they can minister to their youth.

Another thing I do each week is getting to know a number of kids and families on Dakota Plains Reserve. I began to serve at their school once a week last spring and I decided to keep up contact in the community throughout the summer.  Every Wednesday was different.  Sometimes I simply walked around in the community meeting people.  Sometimes I visited at the Band office but most days I did a craft with kids in the school gym which was opened to me all summer. I have approached this community to learn as well as share stories of Jesus with the kids. This summer about a dozen kids went to Valleyview Bible Camp, which was very exciting.  I am honored to be welcomed into the school and I love the staff and children there.  I am always met at the door with many hugs.  I hope to continue to be a resource in this school, and it has become the highlight in my week!”